Silver Rose Bakery

Silver Rose Bakery

When Silver Rose Bakery owner and lead designer, Priscilla, first began her baking career as a six-year-old in a Connecticut kitchen with her mom and grandma; she had no idea that she’d grow up to become Mrs. Sweet. (Yes, that’s their real last name. I know, right!?) When Michael and Priscilla met, it didn’t take long to realize that they shared a lot more than a love for one another. They share dreams, a relentless work ethic and yeah, a bit of stubbornness. It’s true that until Silver Rose, Michael hadn’t exactly baked anything, at all, ever. That’s ok though, his bride had that part covered with the recipes she’d created over the years, which are still the foundations for the cakes they make today. He’s also a super quick learner and loves what he does, so he caught on fast.

When Michael and Priscilla first started toying with the idea of building a bakery in 2013, they knew they didn’t want it to be like any other bakery. Make beautiful and delicious desserts? Of course. They knew there was something else though. They knew they wanted to do more. Neither of them have ever been big fans of the corporate world. Maybe it’s that stubborn streak in both of them. Always supporters of small business, they wanted to create a community with Silver Rose that would focus on helping future entrepreneur bakers become owners of the SRB brand. The Sweets have been lucky to have incredible support in their journey. As a way to pay it forward, their mission is to create a business for bakers who have the same dreams of owning their own bakery but are lacking that support and guidance.

With Michael’s vision and Priscilla’s drive, Silver Rose will continue building an industry-shaking bakery. You won’t see a street-facing store. That’s not the plan. But you might have an independent SRB owner knock on your cousin’s door in Tennessee one day, as she’s delivering the cake she made. That’s the goal. Help other bakers and of course, provide a Sweet experience, cheerful memories and lasting smiles to their customers. That’s worth celebrating.

Included in Chilleens Package
-Three tier wedding cake or equivalent. You can get cookies, cupcakes, mini desserts or a traditional three tier cake.

The bakery recommends you meet with them 3 months prior to your event. But we completely understand if you would like to taste cake sooner rather than later. You can set up your cake tasting with them whenever you are ready!

Priscilla & Michael Sweet