Leslie Davis- owner leapin Lilys

Leslie is a mastermind in the flower world. She knows every flower, when its in season, when it will look the best and what goes with it. All you have to do is tell her what you had in mind and she will make your bouquets, centerpieces and arch decor come to life better then you can even imagine.

Within our floral package it includes Bouquets, Bootineers, Arch decor and centerpieces included. $1,000 worth of flowers. Delivery and set up included. Leslie works out of her home shop in Phoenix and will set up your time to meet with her and pick out your floral arrangements and rental items for centerpieces. 

Leslie has a beautiful floral shop out of her home. Going to meet with her is one of the super fun parts of wedding planning. One consult is included in your package. Leslie recommends having all of your ideas together and a basic idea of what you want prior to her consultation. If you have pinterest ideas and pictures of what you’re wanting even better! You don’t want to meet with her too far in advance that you don’t remember what you picked with her. 3-6 months out is ideal 

Flowers by Leapin’ Lily’s
Leslie Davis