Open dates & how to book

Our available dates are updated daily. Date availability is subject to change the only way to hold a date is a deposit. Open Dates are accurate. We add any cancellations to these sheets if they occur. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are always shown on open date sheet if there are none showing there is not available days for that month.

If the date you’re looking for is not available we do have a waitlist. If we have any cancellations we will go to our wait list. We do not get many cancellations, but in case we do, we will have your information!

If you are ready to book we make it easy!

We do all our bookings over email. Once you decide on a date please email

First we will confirm your date is still available and if it is, we will send you the booking instructions! Deposits must be made within 24 hours to hold the date after 24 hours your date may not be available.

In your email please include the following

  • What date you would like
  • A copy of the estimate that we provided
  • Sometimes we give more than one estimate with different options so we want to make sure we have the most accurate information- final Guest count is due 10 days prior to your event!

Once the deposit is paid we will then email all the vendors and send you an updated invoice with the deposit taken off.


 We have a minimum guest count of 100 on Saturdays and 80 on Fridays. If you book with less guests you will still have to pay for the minimum number of guests