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The spotlight shines on Kid Chilleen’s Badass BBQ (now known as Chilleen’s on 17) as it becomes the focal point of the hit show Bar Rescue. This momentous occasion not only puts the establishment on the map but also sets the stage for its future transformation by Aleah, the current owner.


At Chilleens on 17, Aleah is more than just a bartender; she’s the heart of hospitality, serving patrons with a smile and an attentive ear. Behind the bar, she juggles drinks and dreams, having also completed her education at the esteemed Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. One starry night amidst laughter and camaraderie, Aleah and a friend share a whimsical conversation in the bar’s back area. From this playful exchange emerges the idea of hosting a wedding in this enchanting space. Initially brushed off as a flight of fancy, the seed of inspiration takes root in Aleah’s mind, setting the stage for a remarkable journey ahead.


At the remarkable age of 20, Aleah assumes control of Chilleens on 17, acquiring the establishment from her parents. This courageous decision signifies the commencement of her path as an entrepreneur and visionary…and soon-to-be wedding venue owner.


Armed with determination and a vision for transformation, Aleah sets out to breathe new life into the back area of Chilleens on 17 and turn it into a venue. What was once a neglected space is now infused with Aleah’s creativity and passion, and countless hours on Pinterest, undergoing a metamorphosis into a stunning oasis of rustic charm and natural beauty.


The Venue at Chilleens emerges as a hidden gem amongst Arizona wedding venues, catching the eye of couples in search of an incredible wedding venue with all inclusive packages. Word spreads quickly about the enchanting ambiance and unparalleled hospitality offered at this unique destination.


Under Aleah’s leadership, The Venue at Chilleens flourishes, becoming a sought-after location for weddings, parties, and corporate events alike. Each celebration is imbued with the magic of Aleah’s vision, creating unforgettable memories for guests and hosts alike.


Aleah introduces the Chilleen Dream Foundation, a testament to her commitment to giving back to the community. This noble endeavor aims to grant weddings and vow renewal ceremonies to couples facing adversity, providing them with a moment of joy and respite in the face of life’s challenges.


Nominations open for the Chilleen Dream Foundation’s weddings, inviting couples to share their stories of resilience and love. Aleah and her team are moved by the outpouring of heartfelt nominations and work together to secure more vendors.


The Chilleen Dream Foundation selects its inaugural recipients, granting them the wedding of their dreams amidst the backdrop of The Venue at Chilleens. As the community comes together to celebrate love and hope, Aleah reflects on the journey that brought her here, filled with gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of deserving wedding couples.

Rave Reviews.

the team
the team
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Pictured Far Left: Venue Coordinator (& your wedding bestie) Alisha.

“I have been racking my brain the last few months about what I wanted to say in my review and nothing I could think of gave this venue the justice it deserves. The team took all of my stress and worries away with their All Inclusive package (Literally, all I had to do was book a package, and they handled the rest). The ladies at Chilleen’s were wonderful and so helpful, they answered any and all of my questions and checked in on me to ensure I didn’t need anything. It was the perfect wedding for us!

The last thing I want to say is how absolutely amazing Alisha was. I could not have asked for a better coordinator! She handled all of my concerns perfectly, she was there with me throughout the entire wedding, and even took pictures and videos of moments I might not have wanted to miss. So thank you all for giving us the wedding we always wanted!

– Becky Wilson