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Founded in 2022 by Aleah Chilleen, creator of The Venue at Chilleen’s, this initiative aims to provide couples facing life-altering circumstances with their dream weddings. Built on the belief that love knows no boundaries, the Foundation is committed to making special days unforgettable. Join us in spreading joy and making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.


To fulfill the wedding dreams of couples who have faced significant hardships such as illness, injuries, and other challenges that have made it difficult to plan or afford their desired wedding or vow renewal.


Our goal is to host at least one or two weddings per year in each category, but we aspire to expand this number in the future with the aid of additional partnerships and sponsors, based on the level of need.



Our foundation has 4 Categories for Dreamers: life-altering illnesses, veterans, life-altering disabilities, heroes. If you know of someone who fits any of these criteria, please nominate them using the form below.

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the venue at chilleens in arizona
the venue at chilleens in arizona
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